7 Reasons To Quit Pork

health wellness Jan 31, 2023

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 36
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Hello and welcome to The Wholistic Living Podcast. I am your host Elena Bensonoff. It’s my honor to share with you important information that will inspire, empower, and change your life with each new choice that you make.

Today we continue the Be the Hero of Your Health series and will be taking a closer look at some of the problems with eating pork. I’ll outline the 7 reasons you should consider quitting pork, 5 alternatives to popular pork-based products, and 5 benefits you’ll enjoy when you make the switch!



The Problem With Pork

Many cultures prohibit the eating of pork for cultural or religious reasons - Jewish and Muslim cultures for example. There is more modern wisdom in these ancient dietary traditions than we might think!

Pigs are scavengers and often eat garbage and other refuse when not provided with better options. This could be a big reason why pork is forbidden in countries that don’t have the natural habitat to support this kind of livestock. Pigs need forests with nuts and seeds to graze on. In the deserts of the Middle East they would be forced to eat what humans leave behind.

Another interesting thing about pigs is their lack of many sweat glands. You and I excrete toxins by sweating them through our skin. Pigs can’t do this, which means they have a harder time eliminating toxins from their system. These toxins end up stored in their fat and muscle tissue which we eat!

It might hurt a little to think about giving up your breakfast bacon or holiday ham.

As a health professional, I look to the research for clarity…

Consuming pork comes with some big problems that I’d like to address.

Here are 7 reasons you should consider quitting pork:

  1. Pork can contain high levels of toxins because of how quickly they digest their own food and how slowly their bodies release toxins
  2. Pork products are often processed and contain high amounts of saturated fat and sodium which both contribute to cardiovascular diseases - the leading cause of death, globally
  3. Many pork products are heavily processed which means they contain potentially harmful mystery ingredients that contribute to colorectal cancer (1)
  4. Factory farming of pork is controversial and can be environmentally awful
    • Animals are not always treated humanely
    • Pigs are rarely given free range to graze and roam
    • Drugs are used to grow pigs larger and faster which are passed along to humans when consumed
  5. Multiple Sclerosis: countries with higher pork consumption have a higher rate of MS than countries that abstain
    • MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the nervous system
    • MS damages nerves and disrupts signals from the brain to the body
    • Studies have found that workers in pork processing plants were stricken with MS like symptoms after inhaling air containing vaporized pig brains
  6. Pork is known to carry viruses, parasites, and bacteria:
    • Contaminated pork has been linked to Yersiniosis (2): a bacterial infection that cause fever, body pain, bloody diarrhea, and even arthritis
    • Hepatitis E: pork liver is the leading transmitter of this potentially deadly virus that can make you very ill and result in liver failure and death
  7. Liver Problems: nitrosamines in processed pork have been linked to enlarged liver, liver failure, cirrhosis, cancer, and death (3)



What To Do Instead

If you still choose to eat pork, proper preparation can minimize some of the risk. Cooking pork for 20 minutes to an internal temperature of 160°F kills viruses and most parasites.

If you are reconsidering pork in your diet due to the risks, choosing other protein sources might be a good idea as you prioritize your health.

Here are 5 delicious alternatives to popular pork products:

  1. Organic, free range eggs are a great source of protein at breakfast instead of sausage or bacon
  2. Replace a holiday ham with smoked free-range turkey
  3. Wild caught salmon is a delicious, healthier alternative to a pork roast
  4. Swap shredded hormone-free, organic chicken in pulled pork recipes
  5. Try a vegan alternative to ground pork - look for a short ingredients list and watch out for high sodium

Here are 5 benefits to no longer partaking of pork:

  1. Other protein choices often have less fat than pork
  2. Be proactive in preventing cancer by avoiding harmful nitrates and nitrites
  3. Peace of mind that you won’t be putting yourself at risk of consuming nasty parasites from pork
  4. Opportunities to be creative and sample new foods
  5. Feel good about loving our Earth and supporting the environment



More Ways To Heal

I hope you have enjoyed this episode and feel challenged to make changes in your life that will protect your body and the earth. We are all connected, and it is my honor to be able to teach you and equip you with information that will help you heal instead of causing you harm.

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