Activating Your Soul Connection

intuition soul Sep 17, 2020

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 4
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff


Welcome to the podcast. My name is Elena Bensonoff – Quantum Medicine Practitioner, clinical pharmacist, and Health Expert. In today’s episode, I will explain how you can nurture a deep relationship to a very special part of you – your soul. We will discuss what the soul is and I will share some ways to activate your healthiest, happiest life on a soul-level.

Understanding who you are at the soul level is the first step towards being able to confidently make new choices in alignment with who you really are. Your soul is not separate from your body. You are an energy being as well as a physical being.



Activating on a soul-level begins with understanding energetic frequencies.

These vibrations are constantly pulsing around us and within us. From the subtle electric currents sending information through our brains, to the powerful waves of sunlight sustaining life on our planet – every part of our existence is connected to the flow of energy.

Each of us offers unique and important energetic contributions to the whole system. Even though we can’t necessarily see the effects, the power of energy exchange in creating our reality is undeniable.

Every living thing has its own electromagnetic, or torus, field. It carries information to every cell in the body, transmitting and recording information. This energy is also known as intuition – what I like to call the language of the soul. When you tune in to your soul-level, you can recognize and release energetic blocks, giving you access to an unlimited capacity for self-healing and divine connection.



Much like your physical body, your soul has an anatomy. Let’s explore your soul anatomy:

There are doorways throughout your physical body that allow life force energy to enter and circulate, supplying the unseen essence that emanates from the core of your being. These energy centers look like seven revolving doorways lined up in a row up the center of the body, spinning at different frequencies. In Eastern medicine, these centers are known as chakras, which means “wheels of light.”

When your soul anatomy doorways are in alignment and your torus field is functioning optimally, you experience vibrant health and wellness on all levels. If the energy supply to your doorways is disrupted, degraded, or depleted – health issues arise. This could mean there are emotional or physical issue brewing. When left untreated, the energetic imbalance can eventually lead to chronic illness.

Eastern medicine practitioners have had a deep knowledge of the body/mind/soul connection for centuries. My hope is that one day, modern medicine will see the value in these modalities and begin to incorporate them into practice.



In my practice, I encourage my clients to explore therapies that support and align the soul.

Colored light therapy, aromatics, crystals, and sacred geometry all draw from the flora and fauna that surrounds us. Being in nature is balancing to the soul, as it reminds us of our connection to the Earth. These methods are energetically connected to our souls and can help us attract abundance, find inspiration, manifest our dreams, and expand our consciousness. I encourage you to explore them and see what speaks to you!

To fully understand your soul, you must become gentle with yourself.

Avoid being entangled in “existing and doing” rather than “being and living.” Breathe, slow down, be present, and get connected to your heart – the ultimate soul-level experience. There is so much in our lives that can take us away from balance, so making a conscious decision about where we concentrate our energy at any given time is key.



Living authentically is deeply nurturing for the soul.

Checking in with yourself and your life choices regularly to see if you are in alignment with your truth is very activating for you on a soul-level.

Living authentically and in your truth is a very strong force that can help you connect and receive your soul’s message. Feeling joy and peace are great indications that you are on the right path. By being true to our own nature and recognizing and accepting the true nature of others, we honor the essence of soul-level connection.

Thank you for exploring the soul-level with me today. I hope you leave today inspired to bring balance to your life. And if you would like to dive deeper into the healing modalities we talked about today, you can find me at Until next time, blessings.

Wellness Wishes,



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