Activating Your Soul Connection

intuition soul Sep 17, 2020

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 4
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff


Welcome to the podcast. My name is Elena Bensonoff – Quantum Medicine Practitioner, clinical pharmacist, and Health Expert. In today’s episode, I will explain how you can nurture a deep relationship to a very special part of you – your soul. We will discuss what the soul is and I will share some ways to activate your healthiest, happiest life on a soul-level.

Understanding who you are at the soul level is the first step towards being able to confidently make new choices in alignment with who you really are. Your soul is not separate from your body. You are an energy being as well as a physical being.



Activating on a soul-level begins with understanding energetic frequencies.

These vibrations are constantly pulsing around us and within us. From the subtle electric currents sending information through our brains, to the powerful waves...

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Connect and Receive your Soul’s Messages

meditation soul May 17, 2016

The world today is moving on a hectic pace. To this end, the messages which our SOULS DESIRE for us to hear can be easily drawn out by the sounds of the world because we are entangled in the busyness of life. It is the intention of almost everyone to connect and receive their SOUL'S MESSAGE. Unfortunately, many have failed to stay tuned into their hearts and listen to the whispers of their soul, because they are finding it difficult to slow down or create space for it in their lives.



What Does Your Soul Do?

Your soul functions like a deep background consciousness that provides it's wisdom and guidance on what to do. These directions do not always come through into the consciousness of your mind, as it can take a while. However, the wisdom of your soul can be accessed by circumventing the mind. Contrary to the belief of many, your soul is not found in the ether, but as part of your consciousness in your body, it is good to say that your soul is you. That is why your...

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