Connect and Receive your Soul’s Messages

meditation soul May 17, 2016

The world today is moving on a hectic pace. To this end, the messages which our SOULS DESIRE for us to hear can be easily drawn out by the sounds of the world because we are entangled in the busyness of life. It is the intention of almost everyone to connect and receive their SOUL'S MESSAGE. Unfortunately, many have failed to stay tuned into their hearts and listen to the whispers of their soul, because they are finding it difficult to slow down or create space for it in their lives.



What Does Your Soul Do?

Your soul functions like a deep background consciousness that provides it's wisdom and guidance on what to do. These directions do not always come through into the consciousness of your mind, as it can take a while. However, the wisdom of your soul can be accessed by circumventing the mind. Contrary to the belief of many, your soul is not found in the ether, but as part of your consciousness in your body, it is good to say that your soul is you. That is why your soul is often referred to as your inner self or your higher-self.

It is important to know that you are the cause of what you are today because the things you do and the course of your life are being set by you. In response to your thoughts, it is you who experiences the feelings that create your reality. However, you can sometimes be separated from your soul especially when you consider yourself to be inferior or when you find it hard to believe who you are as a soul due to life circumstances.



How Can You Connect to Your Soul?

To access the inner powers within you, you have to learn to connect with your soul. Connection with the all of your senses ( smell, taste, touch, feel, hear), passion, intuition and creativity are powerful gateways into your soul. To create a life worth living, you can connect and receive your soul’s message regardless of which religion or spiritual path you follow.

Understand the Nature of your SoulTo fully understand your soul, you have to be more gentle with yourself and avoid being entangled in “existing and doing” instead  “being and living”. This realization will help you to slow down, bring yourself back to the moment, make a heart switch and get connected to your inner self.

Replace your DAILY ROUTINE with MEANING and FULFILLMENTRoutines can hinder you from connecting and receiving your soul’s message. Try as much as possible to get involved with activities that will take you away from daily routines and create meaning in your life.  

Be MINDFUL of your Emotions, Passion, and DesiresThe powers of emotions, passions and desires are very strong force that can work with or against connecting and receive your soul’s message. 

Explore MEDITATIONBy relaxing and turning inward, you tend to quiet your mind and listen to the voice of intuition. Meditation will not only help you to relax but it will enhance your ability to hear and connect with your soul. The loving compassion of your soul can only be experienced by quieting your mind and body. If you cannot do this on your own, explore a guided meditation.

As you meditate, you will begin to unravel the mysteries that have been bottled up inside you for quite some time. At this time, feel free to express any repressed feelings and later on journal your experience. This is where your imagination, intuition, and creativity are located. Like discovering a hidden treasure, your soul will begin to expose you to things you were initially unaware of. By just focusing on your breath, you tend to quiet the mind and give full audience to your soul.



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