Balance Your Energy Field in 3 Simple Steps

chakras energy healing Oct 14, 2019

Elena Bensonoff is an author, teacher, and pioneer in the field of functional, regenerative, and Quantum Medicine – sharing her intuitive gifts with the world through her company, Wholistic Inc, for over 20 years.

All too often, “perfectly healthy” people are plagued with ailments like chronic pain, fatigue, and depression. Despite restricted diets, plenty of exercise, immune system boosting supplements, and other preventative practices – these issues continue to crop up. What could be the cause?

There is an invisible force that must be investigated to pinpoint the root cause of these mystery illnesses – a powerful part of our anatomy that has the greatest impact on our wellbeing: the energy field.



Your energy field is the essence of your consciousness.

For context, if your conscious and subconscious mind are an iceberg, the energy field would be the whole ocean around it. It’s the powerful invisible force that surrounds you and guides you through life. The ebb and flow of this field governs your past, present, and future. Ancient cultures have acknowledged aspects of the energy field, such as meridians and chakras, for thousands of years.

Exciting advances in technology confirm the existence of meridians as a channel for the flow of energy. Scientists discovered this lifeforce energy is relayed by electromagnetic waves of light to our DNA.(1) A recent study using CT scans showed that Acupuncture Meridian System points have a higher density of micro-vessels and contain a large amount of microvascular structures.(2)

It’s undeniable that we constantly send and receive energy impressions from our meridians that affect us on a cellular level. The energy field is highly sensitive to transmitting and receiving information. Through this highly sophisticated mechanism, our field informs our intuition, acting as a gateway to self-healing and divine connection.

When our energy field is disrupted, degraded, or depleted – our energy deficit can manifest as an emotional, mental, or physical ailment. When left untreated, the energetic imbalance can eventually lead to a chronic illness. Our energy issues manifest in our tissues. However, when the frequencies of our energy field are in alignment and functioning optimally, we experience exquisite flow in life and vibrant health on all levels.

This is why we must learn to care for the energy field just as we care for our physical body. The first thing you must do to begin the process is identify the type of energy imbalance affecting you. Then you can investigate the cause and illuminate the issue with white light so your field can be re-balanced and renewed. These steps are outlined below to help you awaken your energy field awareness. It’s time to harness your innate power to live your healthiest happiest life!



STEP 1: Identify the Type of Energy Imbalance

The first step to balancing your energy field is pinpointing what kind of imbalance you’re dealing with. Since the health of the energy field is often overlooked for a long time, it’s possible there are several field interferences occurring at once.

Here are six main possibilities to consider:

  1. Energy tear: A tear in the field is like a rip in a lifeboat that causes energy leaks (positive and negative energy). A tear also allows negative energy, debris, and attachments into your field that weigh on you and drag you down.
  2. Energy hole: An energy hole is like a sink drain, siphoning energy out of your field faster than a tear. It causes severe loss of positive energy while creating a vacuum for negative energy to enter in.
  3. Energy stagnancy: This imbalance is like a muddy puddle of stagnant water. It occurs when energy is not flowing clearly and efficiently (think of a mountain stream) and creates a blockage of dense, heavy energy.
  4. Energy attachment: An attachment is like a power cord that is plugged into your field to feed off your energy. It can grow stronger over time or remain even after the physical association with the attachment is no longer in your life. Attachments can influence your field regardless of distance from the subject of the attachment.
  5. Energy sludge: This imbalance is like a thick gunk that slows the normal flow of energy in your field. Its sticky properties cause energy patterns to move very slowly and sluggishly.
  6. Energy debris: Having debris in your field can feel like trying to breathe polluted air. Debris put a strain on the normal flow of energy, irritating it with gritty negative influences.

To discover which one(s) are affecting you, do some meditation and introspection to see what your intuition tells you. Try a simple muscle test to see which number you have a weak response to. You may even be able to tune in to “feel” which disturbance you have affecting your field. Write down your findings!



STEP 2: Investigate the Cause of the Energy Imbalance

The next step to overcoming an energy field imbalance is to investigate the cause. You’ll need to carve out plenty of time to reflect on your life. Ask yourself the questions below and journal your responses.

Consider past relationships, family dynamics, ancestral trauma, addictions, your career, and any other aspect of life that could be contributing to an energy field imbalance.

  1. Is there a person, place, or thing that you’ve been struggling with lately?
  2. Is there a person, place, or thing that caused trauma or stress in your past that still affects you today?
  3. Do you have obsessive thoughts or worries or repeating dreams about a person place or thing?
  4. Do you feel drained, sick, or anxious around certain people, places, or things?
  5. Is there something you’re trying to/want to move on from in your life that keeps popping up or arising in your thoughts or dreams?



STEP 3: Illuminate Your Energy Field with Healing Light

Once you’ve discovered the type and source of your energy field interferences, you can begin re-balancing and renewing your field with the power of white light.

Find a comfortable space to sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Imagine scanning your energy field for imbalances, asking your guides and angels to illuminate these areas of disruption with white light. When you feel them or see them, acknowledge the presence and express gratitude for the lessons you learned from them.

Visualize intensifying the white light on these areas that need re-balancing. This light carries love to every cell in our body and reflects outward like a beacon of Divine grace. Your meridians are cleansed of any debris, allowing your lifeforce energy to enter and circulate, supplying love to the essence at the very core of your being.

This Divine force that shines on you is intricately connected to the body, the environment, and the entire Universe. Your angels and guides beam extra love-filled light toward your field for you too. The boundless and infinite love of the Universe clears and repairs any damaged or disrupted area of your energy field now. See yourself gently caressed and protected by pure love energy.

As the white light begins to dissipate because your field is repaired, you feel a renewed sense of balance. You deeply feel that you’ve cleared every block in your intricate network of energetic pathways. Your energy field flows with ease as a thriving superhighway of love surrounds you, fueling you with wisdom and vitality.

Slowly come back to the present moment and open your eyes. Appreciate how wonderful you feel and share the profound peace you’ve cultivated as you go about your day!

That’s how simple it is to take charge of the state of your field. Although there is an epidemic of energy field imbalances, the good news is these three steps will guide you to identify and resolve the imbalances that have been holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest. Take responsibility for balancing your field now and you’ll see a major shift in your quality of life. You’ll notice a ripple effect of benefits right away!

For more help clearing your field, schedule a one-on-one session with me.






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