Become the CEO of Your Health!

health wellness Apr 23, 2020

Have you ever felt like you weren’t in control of your health?

As someone who spent years as a pharmacist - I have seen the powerlessness people experience when they give control of their health over to pills, “quick-fixes,” and people in white coats.

Nagging symptoms or mystery illness often break people down to the point of feeling there is no hope of recovery.

After years working in the field of Energy Medicine and helping people who felt beyond hope find their way back to health, I can tell you there is a better way! You can awaken your inner healing abilities and take charge of your life.

It’s time to become the CEO of your health!

Read on to learn why it’s so important to manage your body’s “company resources” and how to dedicate yourself to a multi-level mission for vibrant health. I’m also sharing an exclusive “CEO Meeting” meditation and The Ultimate Guide for Healthy Digestion with you!

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Think of Your Body as an Enterprise...

If you think of your body as an enterprise, your organ systems are the employees, the nutrients and care you provide for your body are company resources, and your mind is the CEO. As the CEO, the decisions you make affect the wellbeing of your employees and quality of your resources on a daily basis.

Let’s say there are unhealthy habits or “bad business decisions” in your life that you need to shift away from… As the CEO of your body, it is your job to ensure your employees are given the best resources to do their jobs well!

How can your digestive system do its best work if you aren’t giving it proper nutrition? How can your respiratory system excel if you aren’t providing it with adequate exercise? The little things add up until they are big problems in the body.

Perhaps there are emotional traumas in your life that you haven’t dealt with. When the mind is distracted or weighed down – it’s like the CEO is out of office. Over time, the lack of presence is felt in many aspects of the company and serious complaints will start to pile up in the form of physical symptoms.

Dismissing the warning signs your body sends you often leads to burnout. For instance, ignoring aches and pains in your body is like ignoring a fire alarm in your office! “Putting out fires” and better yet, preventing them, is the CEO’s responsibility.



Your Mission is Health on All Levels!

The ultimate company mission is to experience optimal health and happiness on all levels – body, mind, and soul.

Up until this point, we have discussed the role of the body and mind because those areas must be balanced before we can access true connection to the soul-level. This level is highly important to reach because it is where your true purpose in life becomes clear!

So for the sake of this example, imagine that your spiritual alignment with your soul’s purpose is the vision of your enterprise – the guiding light that keeps your company on course.

As with a Fortune 500 company, your CEO can’t focus on the vision or accomplish the mission if employees or resources are suffering! A “crash” is imminent when issues aren’t addressed.

Taking care of the employees and improving their resources must be the focus before the enterprise can be successful.



Try this simple Wholistic "CEO Meeting" Meditation:

Relax in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and take several deep, calming breaths. Now use your imagination to “scan” your body and check in with each area.

Address each area as if you are having a heart-to-heart meeting with each employee in your company. Ask them what’s wrong and what can be done better.

When you really take time to listen to your body and what it’s been trying to tell you, you’ll be amazed by the answers you receive that you’ve always had inside!

Once you have all your meetings, gently come out of your meditation and write down a “business plan” based on the feedback you received.



Download The Ultimate Guide for Healthy Digestion!

A good CEO knows they need to consult the experts and seek out mentorship to ensure they are leading the way to business success.

I’ve compiled all my best advice from 20 years of experience as an expert in the fields of functional, regenerative and energy medicine to help you overcome your struggles and master your mission.

My book, Wholistic Wisdom: Awakening Your Inner Healer, empowers you to support your “inner workforce” so you can live in complete energetic flow and alignment!

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One of the first and most important things to address when you’re creating your body’s business plan is gut health! This is where most physical imbalances in the body begin.

Learn how to heal your gut with The Ultimate Guide for Healthy Digestion, for FREE!

The Ultimate Guide for Healthy Digestion is all about optimizing your gut health with natural methods. There are three techniques in this guide you can start benefiting from right now, including:

  • A Food Sensitivity Self-Test
  • My “5-R Protocol” for Clearing Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Herbal Remedies for Yeast Overgrowth

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The Ultimate Guide for Healthy Digestion will kick-start your journey to take a more active role in your own healing! That’s just the beginning… expand your understanding of the body, mind, and soul triad and your eyes will be opened to discover your vision and purpose.

Once you see the incredible results that are possible with a few simple, all-natural methods – you’ll be inspired to look deep within, question the life you’ve been settling for, and create a thriving new reality!

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