Beware of “Instagram Schizophrenia”

social media Feb 28, 2020

I just discovered the phenomenon of “Instagram schizophrenia…”

It’s really sad what’s happening… essentially, self-worth and the worth of companies has gotten so wrapped up in likes, follows, and comments that people are losing themselves to delusion and the fragmentation of reality to boost their “performance” on Instagram.

There are individuals and services creating countless fake accounts, engagements, and interactions on this platform to create the illusion of popularity and success. People are interacting with themselves as if they are other people! This shocked me.

Somehow happiness and worthiness have gotten more tied up in statistical “growth” than in genuine presence. When numbers become the focus over authenticity and true connection – “analytics” may be gained, but so much more is lost.

At the end of the day, this chaotic monopoly will not go far because it is done from the vibration of fear. If something is not in energetic alignment with love – it is not going to result in “real” or rewarding results (no matter what amazing statistics a company may promise with a service like this).

My opinion coming from an Quantum Medicine perspective? Doing things like this puts people and businesses out of alignment with their higher self and the collective… the collective will sense that imbalance and pass it by. Being part of “the matrix” of illusion, no matter how the numbers climb - this engagement is not going to feel good or serve the highest good.

My advice? Whether you are looking to influence the collective as an individual or a business – engage authentically or not at all! Take a step back and do the work to raise your vibration so you may attract and connect with those that also resonate at that level and beyond (who wants a low-vibe tribe? No thanks!).

This is how you find your community that will gravitate toward you organically and naturally.

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