Embrace Love Consciousness

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones from my heart to yours!

Let’s celebrate the vibrational frequency of love together by honoring and listening to our hearts.

Something very interesting has been happening around the globe… A ripple effect of love consciousness. As just a small example, the internet search query for the term “love consciousness” has reached an all-time high as of last month. There is a definite shift happening because so many of us are choosing to expand our own consciousness and share love with the world. Let’s keep the momentum going!

So how can we take the next step toward embracing love consciousness in our lives?

This blog is an invitation and a reminder to transmute fear to allow a deeper connection to love. I will explain what love consciousness is, how to transmute fear into love, and how each one of you can boost your vibrational frequency and contribute to elevating the consciousness of humanity. I’m also including daily practices you can start doing now to embrace love consciousness! 



What is Love Consciousness?

Love consciousness is a state of being that is experienced when you are connected to your heart and living in alignment with love. When you consciously choose love and extend that love to yourself and others, you create a stable foundation for experiencing the ups and downs of life. You can even see the challenges in life through the lens of love and are able to let negative emotions flow through you.

You can generate unlimited love from within. Love consciousness shines a light into the darkest corners of the world and draws humanity like a moth to a flame of healing. When we embrace love consciousness, we begin to walk in unity with one another. We bring our love everywhere we go as an inner awareness of the beauty and potential in the world and within all beings.

If you’ve seen any of our Vibrational Revelations episodes, you know the energetic frequency of love is measured at 500 and above on our scale of consciousness. No matter what frequency you are currently experiencing in any area of your life, know that the frequency of love is an innate part of you. You can access it at any time with loving intention.

Something else incredible can happen when you embody love consciousness and continue to raise your vibration. You can ascend to a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, also known as 5D or unity consciousness. To live in 5D is to realize that we are all one and intricately connected. You embrace growth and recognize a higher purpose at work in everything. You understand that everyone is on a unique journey in life and plays an important role in their own way. Your life is enriched by authenticity and truth. Living in 5D accelerates your personal growth and contributes to raising the vibration of the collective. 



Transmute Fear into Love 

Have you noticed that humanity seems to have been tricked into fearing one another? The media will have you believe that if someone else is succeeding, you are failing. People compete to be the brightest and the best. Judgment and criticism abound and humanity is drawn apart. We are convinced we must choose a side. We are fed the lie that if someone has different beliefs than we do, they are to be feared. This is all part of the illusion of separation.

The good news is, you can disconnect from this narrative, rise above it, and transmute fear with the power of your heart. Love is the antidote. When you connect to your heart, you remember who you truly are at your core.

Remember we are all connected. It is time to reclaim our unity and walk together in a love so powerful that it changes the world.

The first step to transmute fear is to recognize you are not separate from your emotions. They are part of your Divine essence. Your feelings are portals of perception in the field of your physical experiences.

When emotions like fear, anger, shame, or guilt are not processed and expressed in a healthy way, that repression can lead to a considerable energetic imbalance. Releasing emotions that are causing blocks or stagnation in energy is an incredibly powerful way to heal on all levels and raise your energetic vibration.

So how can you transmute fear to experience more love in your life? You can essentially “re-wire” the brain to override old thought patterns. When you notice yourself going down a path of fear-based thoughts, take a deep breath, ground yourself into the Earth, and say or think:

“I am safe and grounded in my environment, the universe supports me always.
My feelings are valid and it is okay for me to express them when they arise.
I recognize and release all fear from my body.
I embrace my emotions, acknowledge my fears with compassion, and release them with love.”

When you feel you are stuck with a particularly difficult bout of fear, I recommend setting aside time to do a guided meditation to process the fear. This meditation is designed to help you transmute fear and spread love to humanity and the entire planet: 



Raising the Vibrational Frequency of Humanity

All things are connected. Human consciousness and the consciousness of all beings are intricately linked, constantly influencing each other. Each and every person on the planet contributes to the collective vibrational frequency of humanity.

Just as you can change your individual energy, when we come together with loving intention, we are able to raise the frequency of humanity as a whole. This is why it is so important to stay connected to the heart - not just for our sake, but for the betterment of the collective.

It’s time to stand in our Divine Light as fully integrated beings and share love with the world. It’s time to realize every person matters and is on their own unique path, playing an important role in this Divine timeline. Most of all, it’s time to join the universal mission to create a ripple effect of consciousness growth and expansion on a global scale.

You have probably been hearing the call to pursue this powerful mission. In fact, so many are awakening to this mission that “love consciousness” is a trending internet search! You are in the right place to learn how you can answer the call. You can learn more about what our Vibrational Revelations community is doing to further this mission as a Divine team of consciousness explorers by following the link below!

Learn More



Daily Practices to Connect to Love 

It is important to be proactive in welcoming love into your life. These daily practices will allow you to connect to the love and light all around you.

Find Beauty: Spend time in nature, spaces, and with people that inspire us and spark our creativity. When I feel inspired, I want others to feel inspired too! Beauty beckons us into a love story. When you look at the world with child-like wonder, everything is in a state of awe and you are open. This creates a high vibrational state and connects you back to who you truly are. Bring those outward inspirations inward to create and birth new ways of being.

Infuse Love into Every Moment: Let love permeate everything that you do. Invite love into simple daily moments like doing household chores, playing with your kids, conversations with friends, and daily other interactions. Love sparks the Divine creative essence that is within each of us to create magic and contribute to the beauty of the world.

Meditate on Love: Make space and time to meditate daily. We must go within and let go of fear. This is vital to our ability to give and receive love. Clearing the mind and reconnecting with the body and breath often allows our intuition to speak to our hearts. Here are some guided meditations that can help you get started with your practice:

Connect to Community: Know that we have each other. See relationships as an opportunity to be open to learn, dig deep, and discover what is truly important. Our Vibrational Revelations Community is a great place to start meeting like minded people and mentors on similar journeys.

Learn More



Generate Unlimited Love

We are standing at a beautiful threshold where we can step into love together.

As old systems that no longer serve us crumble, it’s time to rebuild our reality with unlimited love!

Cultivating true resonance with love is a three-part process that anyone can be successful with:

  • Align with self-love on a cellular level
  • Clear your emotional blocks to love
  • Expand love out to others and the planet!

That’s why I created a special 21 Day Generate Unlimited Love Online Course to help you align, clear, and expand your way to powerful heart-connection!

Here are just a few ways this course will help you align with love on all levels: 

  • Connect with your heart and an infinite supply of Divine love!
  • Resonate with the physical embodiment of self-love from a cellular level
  • Process your emotions and transmit love from your heart to others
  • Illuminate your soul connection to love and expand love to the planet
  • Discover love-generating meditations, affirmations, and metaphysical tools
  • Alchemize a resonance with love on all levels with powerful exercises

For more information, click the link below!

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