From 305 to 600 in 1 Week!

If you've been following my blog posts, social media, or weekly series Vibrational Revelations, you know that my partner Alejandro and I have developed a unique testing system to read and interpret vibrational frequencies. We read a range of topics and interests: historical figures, celebrities, healing modalities, locations around the globe, modern day tech companies, and so much more.

But did you know that we have also read the vibrational frequencies and levels of consciousness for some of my own online courses and meditations?

In my 7-day course, Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness, we read the frequencies of the active participants each day, the corresponding meditations, and the live activations. As you can see from the chart below, the results were magnificent!



Vibrational Frequencies of Active Participants

  • Day 1: 305 (Willingness)
  • Day 2: 499 (Intellect)
  • Day 3: 550 (Joy)
  • Day 4: 550 (Joy)
  • Day 5: 600 (Peace)
  • Day 6: 600 (Peace)
  • Day 7: 600 (Peace)



Vibrational Frequencies of Meditations

  • Day 1's Clear Your Energy Field: 700 (Enlightenment)
  • Day 2's Divine Oneness: 500 (Love)
  • Day 3's Brain Activation: 800 (Enlightenment)
  • Day 4's Love and Light: 800 (Enlightenment)
  • Day 6's DNA Activation: 600 (Peace)



Vibrational Frequencies of Video Activations

  • Day 1: 625 (Peace)
  • Day 2: 550 (Joy)
  • Day 4: 800 (Enlightenment)
  • Day 5: 800 (Enlightenment)
  • Day 7: 800 (Enlightenment)

As you can see from these results, the participants that showed up every day to attend the live Zoom, did the daily meditation, journaled their thoughts in the workbook, and completed the course, significantly raised their own vibration!

By immersing themselves in high vibrational content, they were able to raise their own frequency!



Ignite Your Codes Of Consciousness

You too can raise your vibration in only 7 days with several revolutionary techniques, including:

  • Detoxifying the body and anchoring to Mother Earth
  • Connecting with the plant, animal, and crystal kingdoms to awaken inner gifts
  • Clearing your chakras and reclaiming your multidimensional identity
  • Accessing areas of your brain to uncover your unique consciousness codes
  • Discovering your inner living library and calling back lost aspects of yourself
  • Activating dormant DNA to ignite your consciousness codes

Each day is designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul with wisdom, love and light. Many people who take this course take it more than once and say their experience of pure love and understanding of Divine wisdom gets stronger every time!

Plus, you’ll receive amazing bonus materials when you enroll:

  • Free Workbook to help integrate all you learn
  • My Ultimate Guide for Healthy Digestion
  • Elena’s Recipes Rx Cookbook

If you’re ready to raise your own level of consciousness and shift into a new paradigm of love, serenity, and peace - this course is for you!

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