From Negative to Neutral: Finding Your Path to Harmony

heartmath Sep 02, 2021

Energetic systems are all around us. Networks of information constantly flow – taking and delivering, creating and destroying. It’s a certainty in life that our surroundings are ever-changing. This flow occurs within us too. Our cells and systems communicate and change nonstop.

An aspect of this exchange that you have conscious control over is your thought processes. When your life becomes challenging, you may find yourself stuck in a negative feedback loop with your thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes. It can be very hard to shift out of this state.

The fundamental question is: How do you break free from negativity?

The resounding answer is: Think positive and be happy!

This is where I disagree.

I believe one of the most realistic ways to end the cycle of negativity is to first achieve a neutral state. Think of it as the layover between negative and positive. You must make it to the first stop before you can reach your ultimate destination. If you become hyperfocused on the end-point, you are more likely to miss important steps along the way that guide you to your connection. The journey from chronic low vibrational states to happiness and positivity can be a long and daunting one – so take comfort in knowing there is this neutral place that can be your transitional safe-haven along the way.

Neutral is the gateway to positivity and connecting to your heart is the key.   

In this post, I’ll guide you through some HeartMath principles and heart-based living strategies that can support you on your journey. I also share a 5-step exercise you can perform to achieve a neutral state anytime, anywhere.



HeartMath: Harmony Begins by Connecting to the Heart

HeartMath is a system of techniques and technologies used across the globe to help people connect to their heart, overcome negativity, and enter the ultimate state of harmony known as flow. The principles of HeartMath teach us that we all have an energy field, and by creating synergy between the mind and heart we can expand our field to create flow not only for ourselves, but for others and our environment.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

The founder of the HeartMath Institute, Doc Childre, states “Negative thoughts and feelings deplete our store of energy. Anger, jealousy, and judgmental thoughts, for example, are energy deficits.” That is why one of the main objectives before reaching a state of positivity is to release the negativity. When you can focus on releasing the negative first, you can more quickly achieve a neutral space where the negativity no longer exists – without the pressure to immediately shift to a state opposite of where you’ve been stuck.

You can consciously catch yourself engaging in negativity and respond by connecting to your heart center. To achieve that, “heart focused breaths” are an excellent ally. Simply imagine your inhales and exhales flowing through your heart center as you disconnect from the negative mental feedback loop.

Doing this, you make an energetically charged choice to disengage from the stress-response inducing patterns and enter a more harmonious state by focusing on something neutral.

With practice, heart focused breathing becomes a default stress management behavior.

Evidence of the effectiveness of heart-centered HeatMath exercises have been researched extensively at the HeartMath institute. The results are extraordinary! Focusing on the heart reduces stress and tension while improving mental clarity, focus, mood, and ability to handle conflict. Solutions for challenges become more accessible. The connection between emotional wellbeing and physical wellbeing is very symbiotic and HeartMath techniques have been shown to improve body aches, blood pressure, and anxiety as well. (1, 2, 3)



Heart-Based Living: What it Means to Live in a State of Coherence & Harmony

Having an empirical basis of understanding about heart connection, like we just discussed with HeartMath, is a great foundation for grasping the more philosophical aspects of this topic. The heart is considered a spiritual access point for you to tap into your inner wisdom. There is an energetic intelligence there you can connect to for guidance anytime.

The heart is the core of your being, it holds your essence – your most authentic self. When you can live your life being true to your essence, you experience coherence and harmony. You are free of judgement, more resilient, and open to listening to your intuition. You can identify stress inducing patterns and avoid them. Reaching a state of emotional composure after trying times becomes easier.

Heart-based living improves your life while also creating a ripple effect of flow around you – influencing and supporting others and your environment. This all begins with your choice to release attachment to negativity and find that neutral state that can serve as your healthy baseline for achieving so much more.

As you pursue heart-based living, remember there is no perfect way to accomplish a radical shift in your emotional and physical state – so it is important not to judge your rate of progress along the way. The most important thing is that you keep trying and keep believing you can achieve coherence and harmony.



The 5-Step Neutralize Exercise

This exercise will help you shift from head focused to heart focused so you can transition from negative thoughts and emotions to a neutral state. This becomes easier and easier the more you practice.

  • Step 1: As soon as you feel an emotional reaction begin, become still and quiet – sitting comfortably, ideally in a place where you can be alone for a few minutes.

  • Step 2: Take 10 heart-focused breaths, imagining the air coming into your heart-center, and as you exhale.

  • Step 3: Set an intention to disengage from the negative thoughts or emotions that triggered you. Imagine the negativity exiting your body and disappearing on your next exhale.

  • Step 4: Acknowledge that it is ok that the negative stimulus may not have totally evaporated from your life, but you consciously chose to disconnect from it now so it cannot influence your moment to moment experiences.

  • Step 5: Repeat the mantra: “I easily connect to my heart, my heart lights the way to harmony.”



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