Is Your Brain on Fire?

brain inflammation Dec 02, 2019

When your mind is feeling “off,” it becomes difficult to lead a normal life. Chronic anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders can be completely debilitating.

Since cognitive and emotional symptoms can’t be easily “proven,” it’s often incredibly difficult to get answers or effective solutions from your healthcare team (other than the usual mind-numbing, symptom-suppressing prescription).

An astounding amount of people come to me for sessions because they experience those issues or other cognitive disfunctions like unexplainable fatigue, memory loss, or brain fog that takes a toll on their relationships, career, and overall quality of existence.

What if I told you, all those conditions could be linked back to inflammation?



The Fire Often Starts in the "Second Brain"

The gut microbiome is often called our “second brain,” and it’s the first area that must be addressed when making efforts to reduce inflammation that could be causing cognitive symptoms. Gut imbalances directly affect the brain via the “brain-gut axis” or “BGA” connection.

So, when we eat or drink things that throw off the balance of our microbiome (often gluten, dairy, alcohol, and processed sugar are on this list!) – the inflammatory effects travel up the BGA and result in imbalances within the brain.

An imbalanced gut also blocks the normal production or flow of chemicals like serotonin, “the happiness hormone,” that is almost exclusively created in the gut. When the microbiome is out of balance, it negatively affects our mood, hormones, and neurotransmitters.

The gut also influences many processes such as nutrient absorption, digestion, elimination, energy levels, and hormone metabolism. If you experience mystery bloating, stomach pains, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, or weight gain – it’s a major red flag that the gut is inflamed, and the diet must be investigated. 

Efforts to search for the source of cognitive issues in the gut are becoming more common. Harvard Health recently highlighted the benefits of nutritional psychiatry, a new field that is helping patients understand how gut health and diet can positively or negatively affect their mood.

So, what are common causes of inflammation in the gut?



Identify Potential Causes of Gut Inflammation

Food intolerances are a leading cause of inflammation in the gut. Three out of four people suffer from some kind of food intolerance or sensitivity. While intolerances and sensitivities are more subtle than a full-blown food allergy – they slowly, over time, wreak havoc on the body/mind connection.

Leaky gut is another cause of inflammation. Leaky Gut or intestinal hyper-permeability occurs when the outer layers of the small intestine become damaged. Particles from within the bowels literally leak out into the bloodstream (including toxins, allergens, undigested food particles, and bacteria).

When left undetected, these issues bridge the brain-gut axis, leading to inflammation in the brain and the symptoms that go with is such as brain fog, depression, or even Alzheimer’s. This 2019 study provides hope that modifying the gut microbiome through dietary therapies can reduce systemic inflammation to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s.



Environmental Factors Add More Toxic Fuel to the Fire

Overwhelming levels of environmental toxins pollute the water, air, and products we are exposed to daily. Research has shown that environmental pollutants including antibiotics, heavy metals, pesticides, and food additives influence the gut and have adverse effects on health.

Filtering our water, choosing natural products, and eradicating mold in the home are examples of conscious toxin-exposure prevention. Unchecked exposure increases the toxic load on your body – leading to inflammation and overloaded elimination processes.

This is why supporting the liver by reducing exposure to toxins when possible is especially important. The liver is one of the main overtaxed “filtration systems.” The kidneys, lymphatic system, and skin are also working overtime with all the pollution we encounter on a daily basis.



Cool Off with Stress-Management & Mindfulness

Tackling inflammation at the source is vitally important but doing what you can to “cool off” the gut and brain while you run reconnaissance on your diet and environmental factors will help reduce your mental symptoms.

The BGA goes both ways: negative input from the gut affects the brain AND negative input from the brain affects the gut. So, ensuring you do what you can to reduce and manage your stress with natural techniques will do wonders.

It’s also important to become mindful of your self-talk and other mental inputs like the social media you consume and the people you choose to share your energy with. Create a headspace that supports you and your mental health.

A little effort to steer the mind in the direction of peace and joy goes a long way – even in extreme cases. Check out my client Mary’s incredible testimony to learn how she was able to recover from emergency brain tumor surgery with Wholistic mindfulness techniques!


Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness

I know so many of you struggle with the conditions I’ve described, and it can be so frustrating trying to navigate the recovery process on your own. I received a download from source that provided an abundance of clarity on this topic for all.

That’s why I’ve created a powerful 7-day series to teach you everything you need to know to overcome and prevent the inflammation that has been stalling your physical, mental, and spiritual progress!

It is devastating to be consumed by the “flames” of inflammation. It’s time to take responsibility for your health and ignite a new path that illuminates your best self.

The seminar is called, Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness, because you will be guided to prepare your body, mind, and soul to receive Divine upgrades in several important areas.

Here’s a brief overview of the transformations you’ll experience each day:

  • Day 1: Clear your energy field + begin your detox diet
  • Day 2: Activate your 12 Chakras + discover your interdimensional identity
  • Day 3: Activate your brain + receive the wisdom of the consciousness codes
  • Day 4: Awaken your luminous body + claim your space in the Universe
  • Day 5: Activate the living library within + call back lost aspects of yourself
  • Day 6: Upgrade your DNA + ignite the codes for all 12 possible DNA strands
  • Day 7: Stand in your full light and love with all that is conscious!

It’s time to reshape the way you receive, understand, and integrate information from the Universe and your higher self. When you ignite your codes of consciousness, you’ll find that things that you used to struggle with become simple, aspects of life you stressed over enter a state of flow, and energy blocks that were holding you back disappear.

Join me by enrolling for access to the seminar and learn how to tap into the inner gifts you’ve always had inside.

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