The Collective Shadow: Moving From Fear to Love

I hope you are having a happy, healthy holiday season!

As another intense year comes to a close, I want to take some time to address the collective shadow we are all experiencing. We have seen the depths of darkness and separation on a worldwide scale. Everything we have been going through as a collective has been bringing the shadow aspects of humanity to light.

We are at the beginning of a great shift in collective vibrational frequency. Something special has been awakening in each of our hearts for a long time. It's important to address what it will take for each person to move from a state of fear to love, because that is the effort it will take for us to remember and reclaim our Divinity. It's time to transmute our trauma, unite, and choose the path of love!

In this blog, we will examine:

  • What the collective shadow is
  • The vibrational frequency reading data for the human collective this year, 2023, 2024, and then reveal what year a big shift in frequency will happen
  • What you can do now to transmute fear and invite your shadow into the light



What Is The Collective Shadow?

Without darkness, there is no light.

We all have a shadow side. It is not a part of yourself to be scared or ashamed of. Think about the yin and yang, night and day – there is balance in all things. Having a shadow side creates contrast that is a necessary and valuable part of our human experience. The collective shadow is the combined shadow side of every human on the planet.

Many people stifle their shadow, hide it, and regard it with contempt because it is the side that they blame for feeling sad, being impulsive, lashing out, or making mistakes. But we must love every aspect of ourselves - including our shadows. In order for the collective shadow to heal, we all must do the work to heal our shadows. This will cause a ripple effect of transformation in the collective.

Addressing your shadow self can sound intimidating, so here is a mental perspective shift that I find helpful. Maybe you’ve seen some version of the classic optical illusion in cartoons, when a big scary monster-like shadow appears on a wall, but in reality, the light illuminates the truth that it’s just a cute little mouse casting the shadow.

That’s how I want you to regard your shadow side next time you feel anxious about the process of acknowledging that side of yourself. After all, shadows, when brought into the light, are seldom as scary as they appear. Our shadows are not to be feared, they are simply parts of our being that need to be listened to, acknowledged, and loved.



Vibrational Frequency Reading For The Human Collective 

Currently, the overall human collective vibrational frequency is 100 - the level of fear. Our frequency was collectively rising in the year 2020 and rose up to a 230 frequency, but the level dropped again this year due to the collective shadow. This low frequency is not new for humanity. It may be a different scenario now, but it is similar to past events. We recently posted an episode all about the wars and revolutions that addressed this similarity.

  • Overall Frequency: 100
  • Health: 100
  • Finances: 100
  • Creativity: 500
  • Relationships: 100
  • Personal Growth: 525
  • Philanthropy: 100
  • Intuition: 100
  • Joy: 60%
  • Ego: 100%
  • In the Now: 60%
  • Integrity: 62%
  • Self-Awareness: 64%
  • Clarity: 63%
  • Alignment with Divine Purpose: 96%
  • Alignment with Personal Purpose: 62%
  • Compassion: 94%
  • Empathy: 100%
  • Energy Purity: 77%
  • Dimensions: 19% of the time collectively we are experiencing 5D

We also measured the overall frequency for the next few years. In 2022, the overall frequency of humanity will be 125 - the level of unfulfilled desires. In 2023 and 2024, the overall frequency of humanity will be 200 - the level of courage.

In 2045, the collective frequency will rise up to 350 - the level of acceptance. Then in 2046, the frequency level finally elevates to 500 - the frequency of love. This is in part due to the new generation that is coming in with really high frequencies even from birth. The Alpha generation will be integral in shifting the frequency of the collective.



What You Can Do To Transmute Fear  

It is important to understand that we are meant to go through this shadow period. The need for shadow work has been more apparent than ever. As you could see by the data above with ego measuring at 100%, everyone needs to address any feelings of not being good enough. This challenge is showing up for every human in some way. It’s important to face the fear, acknowledge it, and know that it’s part of the Divine plan. We must process our fear to be able to hold and sustain a higher frequency.

Here are 5 steps you can take to transmute the fear and choose love:

  • Step 1: Affirm - To begin transmuting the fear, state this affirmation for healing the shadow side: “I invite my shadow side into the light.” Say this any time you are struggling with your shadow side and it is sure to give you relief!
  • Step 2: Reflect - Ask yourself what changes you may be needing? What are you holding yourself back from feeling? What do you need to release? Journaling can be helpful for this step. It's important to reflect deeply on these questions because there may be aspects of yourself you're hiding from your own awareness. Know there is nothing you could discover that makes you "bad" so there's no need to feel uneasy about this exercise. You always deserve your own loving awareness.
  • Step 3: Connect - Take some time in meditation and silence to connect to your body and emotions and examine your shadows. Emotions and feelings are messengers from our Soul. Perhaps there are difficult childhood memories, relationship traumas, or ancestral wounds. Feel into your body. Listen to what your body is telling you. How do you feel? Is there any pain or heaviness that is asking to be released? Take several deep breaths. Relax from the top of your head, through your shoulders, and down to your feet.
  • Step 4: Stay Present - Pay attention to your limiting beliefs that come to the surface and take you away from the present moment. Stay present and open your heart. It is also important to receive in the present moment - this can be very difficult for some people. Allow yourself to be in the moment and accept the joy of life with open arms.
  • Step 5: Illuminate - It is important to illuminate the spaces where shadows once reigned with love and light. We can do this by daily choosing what we let into our hearts and minds. Speak words of love over yourself, mind, body, and soul. Remember what an amazing and powerful being you are. Remember you are a creator. You create your personal growth, we are always evolving and growing.



Join Fellow Consciousness Explorers

I know if you are reading this now, it is because you feel the same stirring within. You know that blind trust in and reliance on broken systems is not supporting our collective growth and you see the fear-based institutions crumbling.

You direct your energy toward new systems built on a foundation of love and care. You see that with conscious intention, our paths can shift to a more authentic way of existing and honoring our humanness - body, mind, and soul.

That is exactly why we created our own heart-centered community at Vibrational Revelations.

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May you and your loved ones have a beautiful holiday season! Many blessings and lots of love for the new year from my family to you!

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