Your Spiritual Prescription for 2019

new year spirituality Dec 30, 2018

There’s an energy pulsing in our veins after the holidays, urging us to make major life improvements, to establish a brighter tomorrow. You’re used to seeing loads of “new year/new you” protocols and proposals roll out for the coming year. Each one promises to help you tackle the turning of the page.

It’s true, we want change – but resolutions are easy to come by and notoriously hard to stick with. What if, instead of looking to outside influences to change our inner experience of the world, we begin by working from the inside out instead? 

In 2019, change your life by establishing a deeper connection with your spirit.

For so many of us, this is the missing piece we long to find to feel fulfilled. To help you begin the fresh start you’ve been looking for, here’s a “spiritual prescription” you can follow. It will also help you eliminate any residual side-effects you might still be feeling from 2018. Consider this “the elixir of life” for a fantastic year ahead.



Patient Information

This is a key place to start with any prescription because you are truly unique.

You are ultimately a soul having a human experience. Questioning who you are at your core if the exterior was stripped away is a profound undertaking. If you were to check the vital signs of your spirit, what would the report say? Are there aspects of your life that might be toxic for your spirit? Are there wounds that need to heal? Explore this and journal your responses.



Instructions from Your Provider

Once you’ve taken some time to reflect, you can move forward with a plan of care. Here’s the steps you can take to achieve spiritual wellness and resilience!

Step 1: Detox Negativity

Make a commitment to eliminate as many of the things on your list of toxic influences as possible. As for the things you perhaps can’t control, you can cultivate resiliency with stress management techniques and the power of intention. Imagine a protective shield of white light surrounding you when you enter situations you know are going to be a challenge.


Step 2: Heal Old Wounds

You have a sacred responsibility to care for yourself and address any pain from the past with love and tenderness. The world needs you to take the time you need to heal. Seek teachers and healers that can help you treat what hurts. You aren’t alone! Open your heart and ask for divine guidance. You’ll be surprised by how quickly the universe responds to your request.


Step 3: Administer Soul-Satisfying Experiences

Define what you find soul-satisfying. Ask yourself what it is that makes you feel like you’re enjoying living this life, and not just existing. List the relationships that fill you with love, the experiences that spark your inner light, and the simple pleasant moments you look forward to each day. Ensuring you get a daily dose of experiences that lift your spirits and satisfy the essence of who you are is the most potent medicine.



Refill Information

Make time to do this essential spiritual work and repeat as needed so you can establish balance in your life. You’ll finally enjoy sustainable spiritual wellness and inner peace. You won’t always feel like it, but I guarantee you’ll never regret it when you make these steps a priority. Remember that as you evolve spiritually, you cultivate a divine light within that helps illuminate love and peace for others!

When you do this important inner work, you help raise the vibration of the planet.



For further guidance in connecting with your spirit, pick up my new book, Wholistic Wisdom on Amazon!

I’m putting the techniques I’ve used to help hundreds of patients in your hands, because I know this book can reach more people than I can alone. I believe that as more and more people awaken to the gifts they’ve always had inside, the powerful shift will help heal the world.

Happy New Year!




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