The Beginners Guide to Angel Numbers

angels numerology Sep 04, 2018

There is divine guidance all around you! One of the ways you receive guidance from the universe is through repeating numbers. You may start to notice recurring patterns like looking at the clock at exactly 11:11, then seeing 111 on a license plate. Later, you notice your order number at dinner is 11. As you learned in the sacred geometry blog, patterns are very powerful.

The fact these number sequence synchronicities are noticeable to you is a sign you’re receiving communication from your angels. Every one of us has angels and spirit guides that help guide us through life. They always want to help you and sometimes do so through angel numbers.



What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are a call to awakening. These divine “pings” that recur for you are generally signals from your angels to examine your intentions, because whatever you’re saying, doing, or thinking is manifesting quickly. It can be an important message regarding your alignment with your divine path.

Repeating numbers are used because they are something you will notice – a gentle nudge from beyond the physical dimension. It’s like receiving a text alert from your guides! Angel numbers are an incredible link between the earthly plane and the spirit world. They are a comforting reminder that you have beings of pure love watching over you.



Top 10 Angel Numbers

Many combinations of numbers may be significant to you, but there is something extra special about seeing repeating numbers that seems to demand your attention and peak your curiosity. Here is a breakdown of the top 10 most common angel numbers you will see and the messages your angels could be trying to convey to you.

111: Manifestation. 111 is a master number in numerology. You are probably aware of the magic energy surrounding 11:11. When you look at the clock at that time, it’s common to say, “make a wish!” This is an auspicious time to manifest! Ones are all about new beginnings and divine inspiration. Seeing them repeating can be a “wake up call” to notice opportunities so they don’t pass you by. Make note of whatever you are thinking about, saying, or doing when this number appears. This number may be the angel’s way of sending you a wink that you’re on the right track. Add an extra dose of intention to your thoughts when you see 111 to help your “wishes” come true.

222: Balance. This sequence can have to do with making sure you are nurturing balance and peace in your life by not taking on too many things at once (think of the common expression, “I only have two hands!”). It can have to do with a partnership like a romantic relationship, so pay attention to who you’re with or who you’re thinking about when you see this sequence. Twos can be about duality or a choice of some kind. No matter what crossroads you encounter, remember to seek balance when making decisions.

333: Unity. Threes can represent the connection between your mind, body, and soul – urging you to align them with your intentions. This sequence can also signify a coming together of people, ideas, or plans. Repeating threes can represent a spiritual union of some kind, like the three-pointed triangle forming a Star of David or Merkaba, which represents the sacred union of opposite energies. Seeing threes can be an activation of spiritual expansion for you!

444: Stability. Repeating fours can mean you need or have achieved stability. Think of a table or chairs, usually with four legs to make it strong and unshakable. This can be a reminder to build a solid foundation for something new in your life like a relationship or business venture. Fours can represent the home, so think family or your soul’s home – your body! Fours can be a ping to make sure you are making healthy choices and taking great care of your divine vessel.

555: Change. Since five is the halfway point between 1 and 10, it can represent something shifting in your life – a change in perspective, situation, or status perhaps. Fives remind you to be flexible and to not get discouraged when things don’t go exactly as planned. Sometimes you don’t get what you want because something even better is in store for you! Change can also be seen as an opportunity to create something – so this can be a call to indulge in something artistic.

666: Divine. This sequence makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but if you can get past the fear-mongering you may have experienced with this number in the past and accept what it truly represents, you’ll have a magical experience! As you saw in the Sacred Geometry blog, the six-sided hexagon is all about divine harmony – it’s a sacred sequence in Kabbalah. This is also a goddess number revered in mythology - associated with Ishtar, Isis, and Aphrodite. It can be a sign from your guides that you should connect with your inner goddess. Take it as a reminder that you are a divine being and you are loved.

777: Progress. This number sequence is a sign of encouragement from your guides that you are on the right path. Sevens can represent your ability to transcend difficulties and continue making progress toward your goals and dreams. Many consider this a “lucky number.” Your guides may be reminding you to have faith and to always know you can ask for their guidance. Be uplifted knowing there is divine wisdom all around you and you are never alone. If you’re searching for answers, this angel number can mean you’re about to have a breakthrough.

888: Abundance. Eight is the infinity symbol on its side. The eight number sequence is an indication there’s an abundance of opportunities, resources, or something of that nature coming your way! You’re in flow and prosperity comes easily to you. This sequence can mean you're in a great position to share your resources with others - whether that be time, wisdom, or wealth. Remember to express gratitude for all the infinite blessings that shower over you (and remember some things that may seem “iffy” at first are actually a blessing in disguise!).

999: Completion. The 9 is the last number in the sequence and can represent something coming to fruition like a graduation or other accomplishment. It can also indicate the end of a cycle in your life – letting you know you’ve completed your learning experience and achieved mastery in a particular area. Nines remind you to integrate all you’ve learned and urge you to move forward so you can grow and expand. Your angels may be telling you, “job well done!”

000: Freedom. Zeros are like a rebirth, a clean slate. It’s a sign that you are getting a fresh start in some area of your life but before you get down to business you should unburden yourself and just be. It can be an encouragement to let loose and enjoy some carefree or youthful fun. Zero has been regarded as “the essential void,” so know that your guides may be telling you to save space for the important things that make life worthwhile.



What Should You Do When You See Angel Numbers?

The messages you receive when you see repeating numbers may be different from the general guidelines I’ve mentioned. Know that your intuition is the ultimate compass and if you feel strongly that you’re receiving a different message, go with your gut feeling. Let the signs that appear to you be friendly reminders that your guides are always there to help you. When you get these nudges from your angels, pause for a few moments, clear your mind, and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and say:

“I am open and willing to receive divine guidance.” 

The angels want to remind you you’re loved and supported. It is amazing what messages will come through when you express openness. You can even ask your guides outright to show you a sign if you know you need guidance but feel stuck. They know we are visual beings and sometimes need a road flare instead of a spark to tune in to their wisdom. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see repeating numbers, it doesn’t mean you’re being ignored – your signs may be unique! Look for patterns and you’re sure to find your guides.



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