Vibrational Symphony of Consciousness: The Cosmic Secrets of 9 and 1000

In Alejandro's journey of exploring the scale of consciousness and delving into the depths of spiritual symbolism, he stumbled upon a profound revelation that centered around the numbers 9 and 1000.
It all began with an analysis of the chakra system, a sacred framework that maps the spiritual energy centers within the body. As he examined the chakras, he noticed a distinct pattern emerging when he added the gaps between each consciousness level: Root Chakra= 200, Sacral Chakra= 250, Naval Chakra=300, Heart Chakra=500, Throat Chakra=600, Third Eye Chakra=700, and Crown Chakra=1000. This sequence revealed the presence of 1000, a significant number associated with the highest state of consciousness.

Inspired by this discovery, he embarked on a mission to explore if this pattern extended beyond the chakra system and encompassed the entire scale of consciousness. To his surprise, the sum of the gaps between each level on the scale initially resulted in 995, which...

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The Beginners Guide to Angel Numbers

angels numerology Sep 04, 2018

There is divine guidance all around you! One of the ways you receive guidance from the universe is through repeating numbers. You may start to notice recurring patterns like looking at the clock at exactly 11:11, then seeing 111 on a license plate. Later, you notice your order number at dinner is 11. As you learned in the sacred geometry blog, patterns are very powerful.

The fact these number sequence synchronicities are noticeable to you is a sign you’re receiving communication from your angels. Every one of us has angels and spirit guides that help guide us through life. They always want to help you and sometimes do so through angel numbers.



What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are a call to awakening. These divine “pings” that recur for you are generally signals from your angels to examine your intentions, because whatever you’re saying, doing, or thinking is manifesting quickly. It can be an important message regarding your alignment...

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