The Rise of the Divine Feminine: What Does it Mean?

divine feminine Jan 29, 2019

The Divine feminine. The Sacred feminine. The Awakening.

You may have heard these terms and felt curious about what it all means. What is the rise of the Divine feminine, really? One of the first associations that comes to mind for many is Mary Magdalene. If you don’t know much about her sacred legacy, I highly recommend reading The O Manuscript by Lars Muhl. I feel a deep spiritual connection to her on my personal journey and in the work I do.

I recently met with some of my dearest friends in Paris, where the Magdalene presence is especially powerful, and where the Divine feminine was divided long ago. There’s a major revolution happening there. Although the rise of the feminine shouldn’t be viewed as violent, the downfall of old paradigms that no longer serve us can manifest in turbulent ways. We’re seeing this shift happening in many social and governmental structures around the globe.

Although many will resist the change, the rise of the Divine feminine is upon us. Ultimately, every one of us chose to be here on Earth at this pinnacle time to be part of the transition. As Quantum Medicine Expert and advocate for body, mind, and soul balance for all – I think it’s important to have an understanding of this concept, because it’s something all of our souls will move through as a collective.

In this post, I’m taking you on a deep dive to uncover the beautiful mysteries surrounding the rise of the Divine feminine. We explore what this transformation is all about, how it is NOT an attack on masculine energy, and how YOU can connect to this major shift in consciousness.



What is the Divine Feminine?

For the sake of understanding this concept, embrace the fact that “feminine” is expressed as an energy rather than a gender. The feminine essence is the darkness unknown from which everything comes. At the most basic level, we are all born from a womb of darkness into the light of the world. Then, we transition to the womb of the world where we develop and are “reborn” again and again – as we evolve spiritually, mentally, even cellularly.

The Divine feminine is the embodiment of heart-centered living – to really live as opposed to just existing and going through the motions. It’s an awareness of the unseen forces at work around us, like: symbolism, inspiration, and emotion. Feminine awareness is not linear or time/space limited. It’s an expansive and multifaceted Divine intelligence that will touch each of our lives at some point.

The Sacred feminine is the void, the invisible subconscious, the space between. In quantum physics most of the universe is known to be empty space. This “darkness” can sound scary or intimidating, but it’s a beautiful pause – the place for listening, creating, feeling, and allowing emotions to flow through you… to observe instead of act, to connect with your intuition for guidance instead of needing cold hard facts.

The Divine feminine is the unexplainable synchronicities in life that put you in the right place at the right time, the goosebumps you get when your instincts tell you something’s off, and the empathy that allows you to connect to someone who needs a friend. It’s love, grace, and trust.

The rise of the Divine feminine refers to the transition into a flow that cannot be forced. A sacred connection to the patterns in life. A reverence for the natural world, for Mother Earth, and how her phases are a direct reflection of our experience. It’s an acceptance that things come and go in cycles, like the moon in the sky.

It’s the onset of an era where people can go within, open up about their traumas and pain, receive healing, and become their own healers. This change is happening on the macro and the micro level – from humans healing their psychological wounds, to governments changing their destructive policies, to companies making meaningful strides to reduce environmental strain on the planet.

The Divine feminine is a universal force, liberating and restoring knowledge that has been lost – that we all have access to. The alignment of heart and mind, the integration of love and light. Any construct that is purely mind-driven without the heart, love, and light aspect will crumble and fall apart during this transition.

The rise means we bring awareness and grow from our shadows as a collective. Our greatest lessons create a foundation for a new age to be built. Corruption and lies can’t survive in the new paradigm. You’ve probably noticed the shift happening in your community and beyond. Truths are progressively being brought to the surface to receive healing on a global level.



The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine: We’re in This Together

Something very important to understand when discussing the rise of the Divine feminine is that it’s not an attack or a smear campaign on the Divine masculine energy. The rise of the Divine feminine is a shift in awareness to help realign the two energies. Think of it as a spiritual rebalancing.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the constructs of yin and yang are a perfect example of the symbiotic relationship between feminine and masculine and the need for balance. The translation of yin is “the shady side of the hill,” while yang is translated as “the sunny side of the hill.” They are both part of the same bigger picture.

All people, regardless of gender, have yin and yang within them. The contrast this provides is the spice of life. The masculine needs the feminine for grounding, creativity, and heart-centeredness and the feminine needs the masculine for logic, action, and lightness of spirit. They depend on each other.

“Toxic masculinity” from the inception of patriarchal systems has been plaguing the planet for a long time now, and the rise of the feminine will help tip the scales toward a more harmonious relationship. The wounded masculine will heal and recalibrate during this shift. The coming years will bring a lot of lessons in forgiveness and fresh starts.

The wounded feminine will also heal. The unresolved pain that causes women to lash out at each other in unfriendly competition, jealousy, judgement, success at the expense of others, and downright mean thoughts and behaviors will fall away.

We’ll finally understand we don’t need to tear one another down to lift ourselves up. The race to an imaginary finish line will disappear and we’ll be able to walk hand in hand.

The transition is not about wallowing in guilt or shame of what has been (for that is one of the lowest vibrational emotions one can experience and isn’t helpful in catalyzing change). We’ve all done things or been part of things in the past that we cringe about as part of the path of understanding.

As both women and men wake up to this rebalancing within themselves. The masculine within all of us will rise to protect, strengthen, honor, and serve the heart-centered path of the feminine. It’s a long-awaited reunion of individual and collective spirit. It’s a reminder that we’re on the same team.

If the Divine feminine is an ocean on the way to spiritual expansion, the Divine masculine is the boat with the navigation system to get there. Each component needs the other to reach a destination. The rise of the Divine feminine tide washes away one phase of being and the Divine masculine vessel delivers us to the dawn of a more enlightened and aware stage of human evolution.



How Can You Connect to the Divine Feminine Shift?

Though the Divine feminine will find each of us in unique ways, there are ways you can begin honoring this energy to nurture the powerful presence in your personal life now. No matter what method you choose, know that love is the most influential force for this movement. Know that, regardless of how each of us accesses, develops, and expresses our feminine consciousness, we’re all in this together.



10 Ways to Invite the Rise of the Divine Feminine

  1. Be present and purposeful in your actions.
  2. Love and accept every part of yourself, ego and all.
  3. Nurture and care for your body, mind, and spirit.
  4. Do not fear your emotions – feel them.
  5. Connect to the feminine wildness of nature.
  6. Be unafraid to walk away from spaces that aren’t loving and supportive.
  7. Trust your dreams and integrate their lessons.
  8. Honor your worthiness and cut off toxic relationships.
  9. Be patient with yourself and know inner work is an ongoing process.
  10. Express devotion for the powerful feminine essence in everyday things.

Have faith in your ability to balance your yin and yang energies. Don’t delay this important mission, because you must seek balance in all aspects of your being to truly live life to the fullest.

To help you promote balance in your life, I’ve created a one-stop-shop guide for you: my new book, Wholistic Wisdom: Awakening Your Inner Healer. Download your copy on Amazon today!



To close, here is a poem that my beautiful friend Luda wrote for me...


The magic, entwined, and balanced existence
Exudes from the slumber and flows through the earth
The Feminine power at large with persistence
Emerges, transpires, unfolds through rebirth.

Not steps, strides or leaps, but defying all gravity
Intergalactic ethereal flight
Of love, peaceful healing and gentle tranquility
Embraces all souls and infuses with light

The flow of creation, sheds light on discovery
Awakens the womanhood; lets all feel free
Releases all blocks and embraces the harmony
Instills love in beings, the way it should be

United, empowered and self manifested
Connected to universe, heaven and earth
Inspired with notion of passing it forward
Divine is Feminine, set Thenceforth!



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