3 Ways To Let Love Lead

love Nov 19, 2022

Imagine coming to a major crossroads in your life. You are unsure which path to take. I’m here to tell you, the answer is to let love lead.

Love is the greatest mystery you’ll ever explore. Connect with love and you’ll be happier, healthier, and more in alignment with your soul’s purpose. You’ll begin to notice the love all around you instead of remaining numb to it. It is the knowing that we are not separate from one another and the universal power that brings out and multiplies the best in life. It is true oneness.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to stop, look, and listen – much like you would do before entering a crossroad! These three steps will help you open your heart and reinforce a default of love until it comes as easy as breathing. Focus on the love in your life and you hold the power to change the world!



1. Stop Letting Fear Lead

Fear is an agitated energy source. When you allow your thoughts to run wild in the land of fear, focusing on information that you aren’t qualifying through the lens of love, facts, or even common sense – you are sabotaging your ability to be present and happy in the moment.

Fear energy is generated by a disconnectedness with love. It can be healthy as a survival mechanism, but it’s not healthy when you let it take the reins on everything in your mind from your decisions surrounding your hopes & dreams, to your relationship interactions, to your nourishment, to your self-worth…

Examine where you may be defaulting to a fear-based mentality. What can you let go? Your challenge is to recognize these disconnects with self and attend to each with heart-centered awareness. Uncharted territory is scary, but you must stop leading with fear at the expense of love.

Take the following three steps to stop letting fear lead and give love the reigns:

  1. Reject and Release fear-based loops of thoughts. Reject the notion that you have to earn love or that you are not worthy of love unconditionally. Release the people and things that bring you down and steal your light. How can you burn down the walls of belief that no longer serve you and come up from the ashes to vibrate at a higher level? Let's start with a decision to be gentler with yourself. More love. More patience. More forgiveness and healing the past.
  2. Reframe and Reprogram positive affirmations until you believe them, until you feel them. When fear-based thoughts try to overcome your mind, repeat: “I deserve love and kindness from myself and others and do not accept anything less." Reframe negative thoughts with a positive spin to clean up your inner world. Dedicate yourself to the work of reprogramming and pull fear out by the roots.
  3. Resonate and Radiate with love so much that there is no room for fear. Attract it like a magnet. According to the HeartMath institute, the heart’s magnetic component is 5,000 times stronger than the brains magnetic field. Radiate it out like a beacon of light into the world. (1)



2. Look For Ways To Connect To Your Heart

Your spiritual evolution is about loving yourself, accepting yourself, and honoring yourself – so you can share that magic with others. It HAS to start with you. Allow yourself time and space to listen to your heart. Infuse your life with heart-centered people, places, and things to bolster your efforts and keep your connection strong.

Heart connection carries an incredible charge. An intention of openness to giving and receiving love is a must to achieve this. Connect with love by looking within AND outside yourself for representations of love, loving exchanges, and flowing love energy too potent to miss. Transform your environment into a loving one, day by day.

I want you to know it’s okay if you don’t “feel fireworks” when you first begin intentionally making this connection. Sometimes the best and healthiest place to be is “neutral” simply to elevate you out of a negative state. Read more on this topic and discover HeartMath exercises that can help you succeed in this connection in the “From Negative to Neutral” blog.



3. Listen To Empowering Messages Of Love

You are constantly bombarded with messages, whether it be consciously reading your emails or subconsciously taking in the news on TV. A lot of times, these messages prompt a negative energy such as stress, sadness, anger, or fear.

You can cultivate more love and balance in your life by being more intentional about the things you listen to and read.

Choose an uplifting book to read instead of scrolling social media or news outlets. Download heart-centered podcasts, watch shows that make you smile and laugh, and even steer conversations away from low-vibe gossip and toward high-vibe connection.

I recommend you check out this incredible video of an interactive light and sound sculpture powered by the collective heart energy of Burning Man festival attendees. It goes to show that the more each of us strives to become more coherent with our hearts, the more we can elevate the vibration of our entire planet.

I’ve created another resource to help you open your heart to love: My Wholistic Heart Chakra Meditation. It helps you explore this center of compassion and devotion within you and experience the vibrant emerald green light of your heart energy throughout this meditation. Honor the beauty of empathy and carry it into every moment of your life. Release fear and uncertainty and embrace unconditional love and gratitude. I recommend listening to this meditation every day on your journey to let love lead. Integrate all you learn in this special recording and remember to stop, look, and listen, for love. I guarantee profound shifts to heart-centered awareness will begin to unfold for you.



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Sending lots of love your way!



1. Rollin McCraty, Raymond Trevor Bradley, and Dana Tomasino. The Resonant Heart. 2005.



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