The Shocking Link Between Charcuterie and Cancer

health wellness Feb 28, 2023

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Hello and welcome to today’s Wholistic Living podcast. My name is Elena Bensonoff and I’m honored to be here with you today and share some tips on how to improve your health and wellness in every area of your life.

On today's episode of the Be the Hero of Your Health series, we will talk about the link between charcuterie and cancer. You must be the hero of your own health when popular trends like charcuterie boards are everywhere and no one is discussing the risks! Let’s dive in to the problems with charcuterie ingredients including some serious chronic illnesses, then we will look at some exciting charcuterie alternatives to offer at your next event as well as the benefits of making the switch!



The Problem With Charcuterie

Did you know that your Pinterest-worthy charcuterie board spread may be putting you at higher risk for developing cancer?

Traditionally, charcuterie boards are full of fatty processed cured meats, a variety of cheeses, olives, nuts, dried fruits, and bread. This yummy spread is irresistible because of the mix of flavors and high fat/sugar content of its ingredients.

Some traditional boards contain things like offal, pâté, and spreadable pork fat. See the link in the show notes to the episode where we talk about the dangers of pork products in depth.

Cured and preserved meats like salami, prosciutto, and mortadella contain high levels of nitrates and nitrites. They aren’t the only culprits, ham and sausage contain high levels of these chemicals as well.

These preservatives are added to the meat to inhibit bacterial growth, but the side effects on the human body can be deadly. (1)

The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety recently released a report outlining the dangers in consuming these processed meat products. They recommend that people eat no more than 5.3 ounces of cured meats weekly. In addition they touted the addition of a variety of fruits and vegetables (at least 5 servings daily) as the key for better health.

Here are several health problems that recent research has linked to processed meats like those in charcuterie:

  • The greater your consumption of nitrites and nitrates, the higher the risk for developing chronic disease

  • The CDC has linked high nitrate consumption to: heart problems, cancer, and blood disorders

  • High nitrate consumption contributes to various forms of cancer: breast, colon, kidney, ovarian, and pancreas (2)

    • Cancer cells are produced when the body cannot repair damaged cells

    • DNA damage from nitrosamines has been linked to consuming processed and preserved meat products (3)

  • According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, your risk of colon cancer increases 18% by consuming a 50 gram serving of processed meat

  • Heart problems and blood disorders have been recorded in patients who have a diet high in nitrates from processed meat



What To Do Instead

Don't worry - you can still put out a fabulous party spread!

Here are 5 creative charcuterie alternative options to try:

  1. Try a vegan "grazing board" with plant-based finger foods and homemade hummus

  2. Pickle a variety of veggies for a unique and salty burst of flavor - try carrots, cauliflower, radishes, and the classic cucumber

  3. Craft a spicy bean dip to share with flax crackers

  4. Add something naturally sweet to your party table with things like pomegranate, berries, and citrus fruits

  5. Experiment with salad recipes from around the world and create a rainbow of diversity and color for your celebration (4)

Here are 5 benefits of ditching processed meat and making your plate as colorful as possible:

  1. Play with flavor - by using a wide variety of seasonings, veggies, and fruits your taste buds will have a party

  2. Try something new - be adventurous and try some new produce you’ve never tried before

  3. Impress your guests with something they’ve never seen

  4. Give your body a big boost with all the vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats from whole foods

  5. Counteract cancer causing additives by sticking with a rainbow assortment of fresh whole foods



Awaken Your Inner Healer

I hope this information has changed the way that you think about common foods and helps you on your quest to whole wellness. The research is clear that there are dangers and problems with the standard modern day diet. It can be tricky to figure out what foods are actually really beneficial. That’s why I want to make it easy for you!

The body still holds mysteries that science cannot understand. If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from issues like: fatigue, bloating, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, or sadness I want to help you!

Awakening MY inner healer was the biggest turning point in my life, and I want to invite you to awaken as well!

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Thank you so much for listening.

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