Coronavirus Concerns? 10 Immune System Tips

Coverage of the Coronavirus is spreading lots of fear, chaos, and misinformation…

So, I wanted to check in and make sure my Wholistic family is empowered with a solid foundation of practical guidance for navigating this situation.

I first want to share a comparison of seasonal flu next to the Coronavirus statistics. It’s helpful to remember that the media frenzy is fear-based and is largely due to the fact this virus is new.

The truth is, the seasonal flu impacts way more people, but we consider that a “normal” annual occurrence so it does not receive this much coverage.

*Source for tracking the Coronavirus: NY Times

Important points about Coronavirus: Just as with the seasonal flu, it spreads by contact with infected people and surfaces via respiratory droplets. The symptoms of Coronavirus compared to the seasonal flu are not very different, as you can see in this article. Usually only those with added risk factors such as being immunocompromised require any hospitalization during the course of the illness.

Please don’t let fear of exposure rule your thoughts! Fear is one of the lowest vibrations and one of the best things you can do to boost your immune system is raise your vibration.

That’s why I put together 10 practical Wholistic Immune System Boosting Tips to help fortify your peace of mind!



10 Wholistic Immune System Boosting Tips

1) Stay hydrated! Start your morning with a glass of lemon water and aim for 100oz of water a day.

2) Avoid inflammatory foods and drinks. Cut out alcohol, processed sugar (and sugar-packed natural foods like dried fruit), and dairy (this produces mucus which makes you more susceptible to contagions).

3) Reduce stress. Make relaxation and stress reducing activities a priority. Do a daily meditation like this!

4) Up your intake of Vitamin D. You can order a blood test to take at home to check your vitamin D levels. After an analysis, I often recommend 5,000 IU of vitamin D daily.

5) Megadose Vitamin C. Take a tolerable level, up to 2 grams, of vitamin C every 2 hours. Start with a lower dose because too much can cause diarrhea. Liposomal vitamin C is a lot easier to absorb and results in less digestive issues.

6) Activate your thymus gland. You can do this by using the tips of your fingers and thumb, all touching one another, and tap firmly on the center of your chest below the collar bone. Do this for a few minutes 2-3x a day to get energy circulating in your body.

7) Sweat it out. Frequent physical activity that makes you sweat is one of the ultimate detox pathways! Other ways to sweat it out include using the sauna or taking an Epsom salt bath. Rehydrating with celery juice or coconut water will take your detox benefits to the next level.

8) Just breathe! I personally do the Wim Hof method breathing exercise for its many beneficial effects every day. Here’s how!

9) Practice good hygiene. Follow the CDC guidelines for prevention and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water whenever you can.

10) Rest and recover. Even if you are not sick, hearing the news about an illness spreading can be very draining on your energy. Getting good quality sleep is paramount. To support your sleep quality, release the energetic debris of the day and read something lighthearted and positive at night (no screens two hours before bed though!).

I know it seems challenging right now, but I want you to know no matter how the news of this illness may attempt to consume your thoughts – all you need to do is look within and remember this truth:

You are love, light, and peace. You can always access this truth with intention, breath, and heart connection!


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Love yourself and be well!


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